“Thanks to Den I was able to buy a pimped out production vehicle and that represents 1/4 of my sales last year …”

Lou Had Plenty of Production Experience But Not Much Business Experience. Here’s a Breakdown of How She Supercharged Her Sales With The Help of My Video Business Accelerator Program…

Lou’s story shows that – even if you’re feeling stuck right now – you can reach your targets and create a big, beautiful video business that doesn’t stress you out. She runs Red Spot Films in the UK and is one of my Video Business Accelerator members who has seen an incredible transformation thanks to a couple of key strategies.

By reading my book and implementing The 8 Growth Accelerators, Lou began to notice a clear shift in the trajectory of her business. She finally had the tools (and a tried and tested blueprint) she could use to improve her work-life balance and generate more income through a reliable, systems-driven approach.

What happened next has continued to blow my mind and become a source of inspiration for her fellow members (which is why I thought you might like to hear about it). Just watch the video above to discover more about Lou’s story.

“Thanks to Den I was able to buy a pimped out production vehicle and that represents one-quarter of my sales last year alone…”

Lou Budd Red Spot Films - Oxfordshire, UK

Lou’s Struggle

Lou is an ex-BBC producer and a very experienced filmmaker.

She had some solid clients, but she just felt a little bit stuck.

In her view, she wasn’t reaching the heights she knew she was capable of. She wanted to grow and build a business that was bigger than her – one that would allow her time to spend with the children.

Problem was, she didn’t have the business experience behind her.

Lou’s Solution

We helped Lou focus on a strategic plan that she could execute each week without fail, creating simple but effective action points designed specifically for her business and her individual situation.

As part of the Video Business Accelerator, we focused on driving the bigger company goals rather than always chasing work, troubleshooting projects and dealing with endless client demands.

Lou’s Success

Lou is a great lesson for any budding video business owner. She turned up, she took action, she implemented, she asked for help, and she followed our proven system to get results.

Within six months, she generated an extra £100,000 of income.

Now, she gets to work on projects she chooses, and has purchased a pimped out production vehicle… which doubles as the perfect transport for camping, and the occasional surfing trip too!

If you can relate to any part of Lou’s story, or want to become our next incredible case-study success, then this next opportunity might be perfect for you… 

Here’s what you get in the Video
Business Accelerator Mastermind

The VBA program is an exclusive online coaching program designed to help you grow your business with support
from an ambitious community of like-minded video business owners. Using seven unique growth accelerators,
it scales your operations in record time.

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get instant access to insider knowledge that teaches you how to delegate,
create systems, follow processes and run successful marketing campaigns in a way that massively boosts performance.

  • Comprehensive, in-depth video course focusing on seven key methodologies including goal setting, lead generation, delegation and client nurturing.
  • A whole bank of incredible assets including scripts, templates, agreements, contracts and step-by-step practical instructions that work for your business.
  • Weekly coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track from areal- world video expert who knows your specific business inside and out.
  • Direct access to me, Den Lennie, and my wealth of experience in the video production industry to give your business the best chance of future success.


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