My average project is now $20,000…

Chris began with no marketing strategy and no plan.

I attribute you to my biggest financial year to date, the professionalizing of my businesses, raising my prices, setting stricter and better daily routines, and just treating my business more seriously.

I also still do my TOPs and chunk my weeks daily 😀

Chris Stanley Amber Pacific Studios - Vancouver, Canada


Chris was a very busy freelancer – when he was busy .

He was experiencing that rollercoaster of feast and famine.

He was not organized, had no strategic plan and was ad-hoc in his marketing (in fact he hated it)

This meant he would be flat out when working and get anxious about cashflow when the work dried up. And he wasn’t really charging enough…

What We Did

We helped Chris identify his core target market and develop a marketing strategy that he was comfortable with that spoke his market directly and helped them make a decision about the right video solution.

He learned that they is a way to do this without being sleazy, and then actual fact, sales and marketing done right is a massive service to your clients.

Chris, applied the marketing training inside the Video Business Accelerator and put it to work straightaway in his business.

Chris realized that to get his dream goal, he’d have to put the work in, but with the right framework, he would achieve it


In 12 months, Chris increased his prices, which meant he could work for less clients and make the same money.

This was important to Chris because he was learning to sail and his goal was to sail around the world.

He was in a position where he was able to take an opportunity, and sail across the Pacific with a well known filmmaker, and adventurer.

This was a dream fulfilled for Chris and his business supported him doing that.

Here’s what you get in the Video
Business Accelerator Mastermind

The VBA program is an exclusive online coaching program designed to help you grow your business with support
from an ambitious community of like-minded video business owners. Using seven unique growth accelerators,
it scales your operations in record time.

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get instant access to insider knowledge that teaches you how to delegate,
create systems, follow processes and run successful marketing campaigns in a way that massively boosts performance.

  • Comprehensive, in-depth video course focusing on seven key methodologies including goal setting, lead generation, delegation and client nurturing.
  • A whole bank of incredible assets including scripts, templates, agreements, contracts and step-by-step practical instructions that work for your business.
  • Weekly coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track from areal- world video expert who knows your specific business inside and out.
  • Direct access to me, Den Lennie, and my wealth of experience in the video production industry to give your business the best chance of future success.


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