Learn The VBA Methods Gareth Used To Boost His Sales Numbers By $50k In 90 Days

Here I am today, fully booked, I’ve got money in the bank, great cash flow, my accounts are all in order… and it feels like I’m running a business!.

Gareth’s story shows that going from chaos to clarity in your video business really is possible (however hard it might seem right now!) He runs Exposed Wolf and is one of my Video Business Accelerator members who has seen an incredible transformation thanks to the strategies we’ve implemented together. 

With one simple mindset shift – and a core change to his processes using one of our frameworks, Gareth was finally able to get off that roller coaster of feast and famine to run a systems-driven business. He even managed to propose to his girlfriend, Naomi (and of course she said yes!) 

What happened next has continued to blow my mind and become a source of inspiration for his fellow members. That’s exactly why I thought you might like to hear about it too! Just watch the video above to discover more about Gareth’s story.

“Here I am today, fully booked, I’ve got money in the bank, great cash flow, my accounts are all in order… and it feels like I’m running a business! 

Working with Den has completely changed my business and my outlook for the future. Using the skills and techniques Den has taught me I am gaining more clients which gives me confidence in raising my prices and sticking to them.”

Gareth Carr Exposed Wolf - Sydney, Australia

Gareth’s Struggle

Gareth was a classic freelancer who had no choice but to rely on word of mouth for new bookings.

As a result, he had no consistency in his income and would regularly switch from working flat out (and risk burning out) to worrying about future bookings and stressing about money.

Let’s face it, that’s not how you imagine things going when you decide to start a video production business.

Gareth’s Solution

As part of the Video Business Accelerator, we helped Gareth create a strategy to attract more ‘ideal clients’ in his target market of white label agency work.

This meant he could stop simply making himself available for any projects at any time around the clock.

By introducing him to our ASK Framework, he was able to rebrand from GC Imagery to Exposed Wolf in a way that helped him optimize his offer.

Gareth’s Success

Fast forward to today and Gareth now has a solid roster of repeat clients in his core sector.

He’s producing great work, earning what he deserves and is on target to generate $200k+ this year. He’s managed to reclaim control of his schedule and find more freedom in running his video production business.

He’s due to marry his partner, Naomi, next year. All’s well that ends well!

If you can relate to any part of Gareth’s story, or want to become our next incredible case-study success, then this next opportunity might be perfect for you…

Here’s what you get in the Video
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Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get instant access to insider knowledge that teaches you how to delegate,
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  • Comprehensive, in-depth video course focusing on seven key methodologies including goal setting, lead generation, delegation and client nurturing.
  • A whole bank of incredible assets including scripts, templates, agreements, contracts and step-by-step practical instructions that work for your business.
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