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Episode: 326

  Hey there, fellow creators and business enthusiasts! 🎥 In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the real-talk territory of business partnerships – especially why going into business with someone…

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Marketing Your Offer To Ideal Clients.

Today, Den reveals all his best marketing techniques, tricks, and strategies for potentially attracting a horde of new clients and whipping up a flurry of new business. Here’s a sneak

Why most videographers suck at sales.

  Make each prospect needs your opportunity to sell and make a profit.  You have to have systems, processes, and you have to be disciplined to create consistency in your

How to price your video projects.

  Do you know how to quote your projects and make a good profit? This is very important especially if you want to step up your game and create predictability

Creating Strong Business Foundations.

  Today, Den gets down-n-dirty and talks about one of business’s most unsexy, unglamorous, and sometimes deadly dull topics. But make no mistake, this is the one topic that if

Managing and Improving Belief Systems.

  Today, Den reveals the 8 best battle-tested ways ever invented for accelerating the growth of your video business. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear: The single most

Things always take longer than you expect.

  Learning something new is always constant, especially if you are growing your business. It might take longer than you expected, but, small progress is still progress! Consistency is key!

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