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Episode: 301

  In today’s episode, I want to discuss why charging by the hour doesn’t work for videographers and what you can do to make more money. Many people in our…

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Vision boards really do work!

  If you create your own vision for the future, you will create the abundance that will give you the steps to help you get the results. Have you tried

How to write an e-book in under 5 hours.

  Today, Den delivers his semi-famous “5-step method” for writing an eBook in under 5-hours. If you think writing an eBook is hard, then you’ve never heard Den’s “caveman simple”

Why you need to become an expert.

  Today, Den reveals how to get MORE clients by marketing to FEWER people. Plus, marketing and business tips aplenty. But first… Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear:

The secret to becoming more effective.

  Today, Den raps about two things video business owners/freelancers can never hear too much about, namely, productivity and marketing. How good is this episode? Well, if Den packaged this

Are you Making Excuses?

  Are you making excuses for why you’re not more successful? Business success is 100% down to you – there is no shortage of information on how to become successful.

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