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As a video production company, it’s very easy to get burned out. Remove yourself from being the first point of contact and being the bottleneck of your own business. Create…

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Growth Accelerator 1: Defining Your Purpose

Do you sometimes feel hopeless and uninspired in running your business? Or do you experience that your love for the company has drastically died down compared to your first years of establishing it? If so, then you might have trouble defining, developing, and digging your purpose.

From Nothing to $200k in 6 Months with Gareth Carr

Are you someone who wants to start a video production business despite having no background? Don’t worry! In this episode, Gareth Carr shares how he was able to overcome this barrier and how his passion fired up his desire to veer away from his comfort zone.

The Ideal Camera Package with Mick Jones

Having the right tool is essential for any professional who wants to step up their game. The right camera can give filmmakers the user experience they want. However, if you ask ten different entrepreneurs about their ideal camera package, you get ten different answers.

5 Must-Read Business Books for Filmmakers

Den talks about five books that will change your perspective on business and life in general. He uses Audible, an app that lets you download great books in the form of podcasts so you can listen to them anytime. You can even set them into 1.5x speed to help you cover more ground in a day.

A New Music Library for Video Producers with Adam Forgione

Adam shares the secrets to the success of his new music library. Learn about the basics of handling the team, establishing systems and processes, tracking key performance indicators, and using referrals and how these strategies can help you bring your business to the top.

21 Steps to 6 Figure Profits

We walk you through the 21 steps that can help your company reach six-figure profits, not just a six-figure turnover. It might be a lot to take in but rest assured that after this episode, you’ll be able to work your way towards creating an empire.

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