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Episode: 330

  Dive into this enthralling episode of the ‘How to Scale a Video Business Podcast’ with Den Lennie. Experience a captivating journey from humble beginnings in 2009 to the realization…

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Video Business Growth Accelerator 3: EDUCATE

Episode Highlights: Den’s Introduction: 00:00 VBAP Intro: 00:39 Growth Accelerator 3: 01:05 Social Media: 02:09 The Mere Exposure Effect: 04:42 Quiz Funnels: 06:29 Lead Capture: 11:53 Using Videos Effectively: 17:09

Quiz Funnels for Lead Generation with Brian Cassingena

Most companies have their own sales funnel approach. They use this to collect more leads and use these contacts to broaden their reach. But if you are a business trying to segment and personalize your sales approach, the best way to do it is to set up your very own quiz funnels.

Email Marketing is Dead with Brian Cassingena

With the rise of social media, you might think email marketing is now a less productive strategy for your business. It’s not wrong to say that social media has its benefits. However, email marketing still holds a powerful place and a strong influence on marketing.

Growth Accelerator 2: Getting Clear On Your Target Market

When it comes to running a business, trying to catch two rabbits will only have you end up with none. As a business owner, you shouldn’t do everything for everyone. Instead, you should know who your target market is, and focus your energy on that.

Growth Accelerator 1: Defining Your Purpose

Do you sometimes feel hopeless and uninspired in running your business? Or do you experience that your love for the company has drastically died down compared to your first years of establishing it? If so, then you might have trouble defining, developing, and digging your purpose.

From Nothing to $200k in 6 Months with Gareth Carr

Are you someone who wants to start a video production business despite having no background? Don’t worry! In this episode, Gareth Carr shares how he was able to overcome this barrier and how his passion fired up his desire to veer away from his comfort zone.

The Ideal Camera Package with Mick Jones

Having the right tool is essential for any professional who wants to step up their game. The right camera can give filmmakers the user experience they want. However, if you ask ten different entrepreneurs about their ideal camera package, you get ten different answers.

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