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Episode: 281

  Part two of Matt Smolen Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear: Imagine running a successful film production business where you’re totally off the tools to the point…

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When it’s good to think negatively.

  Today… Den talks about one of the most exciting, glamorous, and thrilling topics you could ever imagine. What is this amazing topic? It’s this: strategic business planning. Huh? You

Do You Know Your Worth?

  Do you know what you’re worth, or do you always doubt yourself? When you can tell people what you charge without hesitating, it shows you’re completely aware of your

Planning to grow in August?

  Are you planning to consistently grow this month? Goals are effective because they direct attention to attaining desired outcomes. Continue to build your business by listening to this episode.

How to manage overwhelm.

  When you’re overwhelmed, it’s difficult to function. Listen in for some advice on how to deal with and reduce the sense of being overwhelmed.

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