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Discover my SECRET METHOD to Attract Great Clients, Win Them Over & Have Them Buy Again and Again...

So You Can Build a Profitable, Stable & Stress-Free Video Business

If you’re fighting a constant battle to generate enquiries, make more sales, and run your video business without stress, you’re not alone.

The good news is, you’ve already taken the first, huge step towards turning your situation around, and building a more sustainable and reliable business. 

Afterall, you’re exceptional at what you do, but sometimes you need some extra support from someone who has been there too.

From finding more of your ideal clients, to systemising your workflows when running projects, to managing cash flow and more – without this help, you’re at risk of following the same path to burnout as many video business owners have taken before. 

That’s why I’ve put together this brief video training with you in mind (it’s completely FREE to watch).

Inside, I introduce you to my ‘Thrust Method’ – something I’ve been using for more than a decade to help filmmakers just like you go from chaos to clarity in their production business.

Join me as I Guide You Step-by-Step Through the Process Hundreds of my Clients Have Replicated to Achieve Incredible Results

I’m lifting the veil on how you can turn your around inside the Video Business Accelerator. With the right tools and support, you too could overcome challenges such as:

  • Always feeling worried about cash flow and never having enough new clients in his pipeline…

  • Stressed out all the time carrying project information around in his head, since he never had time to set up a system that worked for him…

  • Spreading himself thin working with any client he could find (usually the wrong ones), and still struggling to retain them for future projects…

  • Feeling incredibly lonely with no one to ask for help…

Are you ready to finally…

  • STOP suffering from the ‘freelancer curse’ and struggling to grow your business
  • STOP working with low-quality, low-budget clients who aren’t worth the hassle
  • STOP working long hours and spending less time with the people you care about
  • STOP feeling stressed and under pressure in your business on a daily basis

Then there’s just one thing you need to do...

Join The Thousands Of Video Business Owners Who
Have Gone From Overwhelmed To Overjoyed Thanks
To My Proven Strategies.

If you’re exceptional at what you do but you just can’t seem to make everything work in your business,
please don’t miss out on this opportunity. It’s time to stop the 70+ hour weeks and start running
a consistent business that gives you total freedom.


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