VBA Member Tim,  Quadrupled His Turnover In Under a Year. Here’s How He Did It…

Tim Went From Stressed & Overworked To Relaxed & In Control By Implementing One of The Video Business Accelerator’s Most Crucial Strategies Into His Company, Arch Creative…

Tim’s story is inspirational for any video business owner who feels like a freelancer and doesn’t see a clear path ahead. Tim is one of my Video Business Accelerator members who has seen an incredible transformation thanks to the strategies we’ve implemented together and managed to revolutionize his success in business.

By understanding more about hiring and making better use of his time (which I share some information about in the program) Tim could take back control of his schedule and his finances. He’s just welcomed a new baby to the Arch household and is shooting the projects he really wants to. Cash flow has never been better, too!

Tim’s continued success never fails to blow my mind and become a source of inspiration for his fellow members (which is why I thought you might like to hear about it). Just watch the video above to discover more about Tim’s story.

“I had my biggest quarter ever just passed and am on target to hit another big one this quarter so it’s obviously working. 

My wife and I were planning another child and so I wanted to scale up my revenue without working more hours. Den suggested I hire an editor on contract to free up my time. I was reluctant at first because I wasn’t sure if I could afford it. I can’t believe (now) that I hadn’t done it sooner. Getting off the tools has allowed me to create more opportunities for the business and I get to spend more time with my young family.”


Tim Arch Arch Creative - Melbourne, Australia

Tim’s Struggle

Tim was in the classic freelancer mindset of doing everything himself to maximise profit. Trouble is, with this approach you’ll always run out of capacity at some point.

You’ll become a bottleneck in your own business.

Unless you pass some of the production process to a team, you’ll never scale beyond a certain level – and Tim was at serious risk of stagnating (not to mention overworking himself to the bone).

Tim’s Solution

Together, as part of the Video Business Accelerator, we helped Tim discover a strategy that would allow him to strengthen his relationships with his clients and create more opportunities.

By focusing on reconnections with lapsed clients and using our Ask Framework™ to get a real insight as to what his clients really wanted, Tim became a trusted advisor, not just a desperate freelancer.

This enabled him to strengthen his relationships and become their trusted advisor.

Tim’s Success

Today, Tim has been able to hire an amazing editor who began taking the load off his production plate. Tim’s business has boomed even during the craziness of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He’s just ordered a Red Komodo and has multiple high budget projects ongoing.

He even manages to get out for a ride from time to time on his lovely new E-Mountain bike.

His time is finally his own!

If you can relate to any part of Tim’s story, or want to become our next incredible case-study success, then this next opportunity might be perfect for you… 

Here’s what you get in the Video
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  • Comprehensive, in-depth video course focusing on seven key methodologies including goal setting, lead generation, delegation and client nurturing.
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