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When video production needs that little bit of star quality, I can make it
happen! Filming with the likes of Robbie Williams, Tom Cruise, Duran Duran and
Cristiano Ronaldo in the most exotic locations worldwide, I’ve helped some of
the world’s most-recognisable figures make a bigger impression on-camera.

But here’s the best bit… my insight isn’t limited to the rich and famous!
Whether you’re a team of 1 or a team of 10, work in the ‘big smoke’ or in a
small country town, you can gain unprecedented training from one of the
industry’s best and brightest filmmakers with my online and exclusive VBA
coaching program.

Learn from someone who’s been there, done it and got the SD card...

How do you know I’m going to get you from where you are to where you want to be? Because I eat, sleep and breathe video (and have done for 26 years!) But, more than that, I’ve created a successful business that gives me total freedom. I can help you find that fine balance between running a company and enjoying your life.

By joining my unique VBA coaching program, you’ll learn all of my insider tips, tricks and tools you need to run your own business without constant stress. From working with celebs to designing Sony camcorders, I know exactly what’s what. And I love to teach it. I’ll show you how to generate new enquiries and close more sales.

Together, we’re going to rewrite your story…
But first, here’s mine…


The journey begins! I learned my craft at Scottish Film School, working on 15 short films as a grip, camera assistant and sound recordist. I co-produced a documentary called The Mortuary Man that was bought by Channel 4 in the UK, before taking a year out to travel Australia in ‘92-‘93 and falling in love
with it. I promised myself then that I’d live here one day. And I’ve never looked back!


I secured my first paid job in TV at Reuters Television, starting as a junior sound recordist and VT editor covering the Scoland Bureau for the main independent breakfast TV show, GMTV. I developed (and by that I mean worked my ass off!) and completed my 10,000 hours. We were the first TV crew on the scene after the tragic Dunblane massacre – something that changed my life forever.


I worked for the BBC in the East Anglia region – but it was a bit provincial for me! I moved to the London News Network where I shot news, current affairs, showbiz and travel and won an RTS award for my part in the Soho nail bombing coverage. The team and I filmed an entertainment show called Good Stuff where we’d pick up celebrities in a stretch limo and interview them while driving around London.


As a freelance cameraman, I filmed some of the biggest shows in British TV including ‘Wish You Were Here’, a travel show with more than 12 million viewers, Watchdog, a consumer affairs show, Most Haunted Live, Holiday Showdown, A Place In The Sun, Home or Away and many more. That was my life until an accident while filming had me airlifted off a mountain and ended my shooting career in 2004.


After that change in circumstances, I got my first taste of running a business, helping Procam television generate $1.5million in additional rental revenue and scale from 18 employees to 45 in just 2 years. I even earned a small share in the company before getting involved with larger scale production again. I was back in the filming game, working with George Michael for his appearance on Oprah in 2004.


I was headhunted in 2007 by Europe’s largest broadcast reseller, CVP, where I was hired in Business Development to set up a TV channel called CVP TV. It worked out pretty well and we generated more than 500,000 views in just 6 months. This was where I really took that next step and learned all about sales, marketing and business. At that time, CVP was generating £20 million per year.


I saw that technology was developing so, in 2009, I re-mortgaged my house, quit my $150k a year job (with generous bonus) and set up F-Stop Academy to help video producers embrace this new world. We helped more than 3,000 clients grow their confidence and skill set by launching one of the first DSLR training DVDs in the world and an online program called ‘Create The Film Look’.


Big year! I was asked by Sony to help develop a new camera in response to the DSLR revolution. So, we designed the SONY FS100 and shot the world’s first ever music video on it. I took part in the Zacuto/Kessler Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout alongside Oscar-winner Haskell Wexler and Stephen Spielberg’s cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski. And I filmed with Duran Duran, Andrea Corr and Cristiano Ronaldo.


In 2013 Sony hired us to make ‘Les Bohemes’, directed by Bruce Logan, ASC, and launch the Sony FS700 camera. I spoke at keynote events in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, before filming on tour with Robbie Williams at his sold-out capacity Take The Crown tour at Wembley Stadium in London. If I wasn’t busy enough, I was hired by Zeiss to make ‘Escape’ – a showcase of their cinema zoom lenses.


After pioneering some major changes in the industry, I saw there were a lot of new filmmakers getting started with video but struggling to run a business. So, I spent 6 months writing ‘Business for Filmmakers: The Quick, Dirty and Uncensored SECRETS to a SIX-FIGURE Video Business from the World’s Ballsiest Filmmaker’.
I sold nearly 1,000 books in the first year and launched ‘The Six-Figure FIlmmakers Inner Circle’, before being approached by Sony to help launch their new A7S camera (the most successful launch ever by the way) which I can honestly say has changed the film
industry forever.


In 2015 I held my first live in-person bootcamp and launched my F8 Elite Business Mastermind in London. This was a 12-month coaching program that helped video businesses scale. I produced yet another camera launch film in Sydney – this time for the FS5 – and managed to finally move there full time. Hooray!


After setting up a corporate video business (from scratch) to help business owners in Sydney with their video needs, I travelled across Asia giving speeches on affordable camera tech at YouTube events in Bangkok, Taipei, Delhi, Hyderabad, Sydney, Jakarta and Seoul. I also published my second book, ‘Marketing for Filmmakers Volume III.


I launched my ‘How to Scale a Video Business’ podcast (which saw 5,000 downloads in year one) and my ‘Video Business Accelerator’ coaching program. I released my third book, ‘A Filmmakers Guide To Budgets and Quotes’ – all with the intention of helping video business owners make money and save time. I spoke at YouTube in Mumbai before realising my dream of moving to the beach in Noosa.


Nearly 30 years after it started, the journey continues! Even in the face of COVID-19, my Video Business Accelerator clients are seeing record results and I’m loving life more than ever. The podcast has hit 30,000 downloads and Sony asked me to make my 8th commercial project featuring the A7s III. Maybe 2021 is the year you can take the next step in your video business and build the life you’ve always wanted.

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