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Episode: 330

  Dive into this enthralling episode of the ‘How to Scale a Video Business Podcast’ with Den Lennie. Experience a captivating journey from humble beginnings in 2009 to the realization…

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Never do this. (In your Video Business)

  Hey there, fellow creators and business enthusiasts! 🎥 In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the real-talk territory of business partnerships – especially why going into business with someone

Videographers – Let’s talk Pricing!

  Ever wondered how to accurately price your video projects? Dive into today’s episode where we break down the magic behind the pricing calculator used in the VBA. This tool

How to Grow A Video Business.

  Hey there, aspiring videographers and business enthusiasts! 🎥 In today’s episode, we’re diving into the real struggles of transitioning from a freelance videographer to running a full-scale video business.

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