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Episode: 335

  Dive into this inspiring episode as Den explores Sam’s entrepreneurial voyage from a passion for video to spearheading a successful business in the live streaming and AV industry. From…

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The Simple Marketing Equation.

  In this episode, Den addresses a pressing concern echoing through the video business community in March 2024: the challenge of articulation. This episode is a deep dive into why

The Top 10+ Business Books for Videographers.

  In this episode, Den provides a curated list of essential reads for videographers and creative entrepreneurs, aiming to inspire, educate, and drive transformative approaches to business and personal development.

The Simple 3-Step Sales Formula.

  In this episode, Den discusses effective strategies for handling sales calls in the video production business. He emphasizes the importance of building rapport early in conversations and maintaining an

Navigating the January Blues in Videography

  In this episode, Den discusses the common challenges videographers face in January, often referred to as the “January blues.” These challenges include financial strains, feeling demotivated, and the loneliness

Never do this. (In your Video Business)

  Hey there, fellow creators and business enthusiasts! 🎥 In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the real-talk territory of business partnerships – especially why going into business with someone

Videographers – Let’s talk Pricing!

  Ever wondered how to accurately price your video projects? Dive into today’s episode where we break down the magic behind the pricing calculator used in the VBA. This tool

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