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Episode: 301

  In today’s episode, I want to discuss why charging by the hour doesn’t work for videographers and what you can do to make more money. Many people in our…

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Are you thinking big enough?

  Have you got a solid strategic plan in place now? Have you got a strategic number that you want to hit? As a business owner, your number one priority

How to Plan For the Year Ahead.

  Planning is the key to business growth. Use the lessons learned and achievements made and turn them into an equation. Create strategic priorities for the year ahead to grow

How to make success almost inevitable.

  Dear listener, a well-rested Den Lennie delivers, and delivers BIG in this must- hear episode. If you’re wanting to be sitting pretty at the end of 2022, then you’ll

3 Key takeaways from 2021.

  Dear listener, in this episode, Den gets down-n-dirty and gives a heartfelt lesson that can truly set you up for 2022. What else? Well, Den reveals the 3 biggest

Always be innovating.

  Are you innovating within your business? It costs way more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. So, think about how you can

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