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  FACT: every business owner wants more freedom, more time, and more money. Another Fact: as a business owner, there’s really only one way to achieve that, and that’s what…

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21 Steps to 6 Figure Profits

We walk you through the 21 steps that can help your company reach six-figure profits, not just a six-figure turnover. It might be a lot to take in but rest assured that after this episode, you’ll be able to work your way towards creating an empire.

7 Strategies To Improve Cash Flow

Everyone in business knows about profit and loss. However, cash flow is an essential concept business schools don’t usually teach. In this episode, Den talks about why it’s crucial to have as much cash as you can on hand.

Content System for Social Video

Den will cover the basics of establishing your own content strategy. There is no set system effective for all businesses. However, you will find out there are basic steps in building a strategy and how you can use this to tailor it to your own.

Five Strategies to Get More Clients

This episode will cover the five ways to get more clients—getting repeat business, asking for referrals, building a joint venture, establishing a solid sales process, and new client acquisition.

Scaling Your Video Production To 7 Figures

In this episode, we bring you Simon Holt. He started out as a video editor for a production company in Melbourne where he had the chance to edit videos for big corporate clients—from TV commercials to around over a hundred episodes of lifestyle TV.

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