Who it's for

VBA Uplevel is for you if you are an emerging video business making at least $3,00-$5,000/month. You should be passionate about helping clients get great results with video.  If this is you, you are probably struggling with marketing and getting regular clients, you likely have limited confidence when selling and probably don’t have any solid syst

What it helps them achieve

VBA Uplevel will help you create a predictable business and achieve the following in 8 weeks or less:

  • Revise your pricing to allow you to make a better margin and therefore more predictable profits.

  • Get new clients in the door paid up within 30 days with a prospect engagement script and formula.

  • Convert strangers to paying clients with a  conversion rate of 30% or more. (without feeling sleazy)

  • Build a  semi-automated marketing funnel that allows you to send one email for every new enquiry.

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with ideal clients who are ready to engage in a very cool and non-salesy way.

  • Finally, create the business you dreamed of with the support of others in a supportive environment

What members are saying

If you’re looking for support and to grow your video production business then working with Den really is a no brainer. 

I’ve worked with business coaches that were good, but I often struggled with the generic nature of processes that weren’t relatable to video production. 

With Den you get his years of experience working in our field all wrapped up in coaching expertise.

Everything we do in the group is relevant to running a video production business.

Plus there are excellent online resources and the added support of a global network of like minded business owners to share ideas and solve challenges with.

Den is a great mentor and has been critical to the growth of our company.

The main benefit for me has been having Den as a sounding board, along with the other members of the VBA group.

As a business owner it can be hard to find people that understand, especially in such a niche industry like ours.

We were able to navigate covid and are now planning some extensive growth strategies for the year ahead.

This will definitely be assisted by Den and the VBA, as we have the tools at our fingertips to make sure we do it correctly.

Working with Den has absolutely changed my business for the better! The last few months have seen more change within my business and my professional mindset than the last few years; this is very much a result of Den's guidance, passion, and insight.

The strategies that Den has shared with me have been fantastic, and I am beginning to see, not only a change in the effectiveness of my systems, but the quality of what I am capable of offering my clients.

If you are considering Den as a coach, as a consultant, as a resource; I would strongly suggest that you stop hesitating. Listen, absorb, put in the work and he will help you change your fate.

The Way I See It, You’ve Got Two Options...

Option #1

Keep struggling with the ‘Do it yourself’ curse or going from job to job. Keep working far too many hours for far too little reward. Keep missing family events because you’re editing something that should have been done two weeks ago (I’m not far off the mark there, am I?)

Option #2

Apply to the only coaching program on the planet tailored to people in your exact position and start your journey to a stable video business that makes you money, doesn’t steal your time and helps you find the freedom you’ve always wanted.

It’s kind of a no brainer right?

How it works

VBA Uplevelgives you everything you need to achieve this business transformation:

  • Content: 8-week video training with step by step instructions (nothing is missed).
  • Tools: Templates, tools, scripts and guides for every aspect of business growth.
  • Community: Skool community where you can hang out with others on the same journey.
  • Coaching: Weekly 60-min Live Q&A Support call on zoom where you can ask questions and get answers.
  • Accountability: Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your word every week.
  • Support: Get 24/7 support via the community

Each & Every Module Has Been Carefully Created
To Give You What You Need
To Predictably Grow Your Video Business...

Module #1 Business Foundations

To build a video business empire, you have to lay solid foundations. You’re going to learn how to do the basics right from day one and scale faster in the future.

Module #2 Strategic Planning

Prior planning prevents poor performance. In this section, we look at planning your year strategically and assessing where you are in the business growth journey.

Module #3 Mindset

Everything starts and ends with 'stories' that have been coded since childhood. We talk about your belief systems and how to manage any major limiting beliefs.

Module #4 Marketing Essentials

Everything is marketing and marketing is everything. This section goes deep on strategy and tactics to help attract ideal clients you want to work with.

Module #5 Generating Leads & Enquiries

No leads means no sales. While word of mouth has got you to this point, we’re going to create a systemized lead flow and sales pipeline to generate consistent enquiries.

Module #6 Sales & Selling

Sales aren’t dirty. And the sales process, when handled in the right way, is a service to your clients. This section shares a whole load of resources to help you win more projects!

Module #7 Video Business Systems

Systems have the power to help you find freedom, so this is an in-depth module that breaks down everything you need to know about creating your own processes.

Module #8 Leadership & Team Building

You can’t scale a business alone. Whether you choose to have in-house staff or work with a remote team of contractors, we’ll discuss how leadership starts with you.

How to get started

If you are a high-quality video production company that really cares about your clients and have an existing business generating at least $3-5k/month and you’re interested in creating a proper business then-

Schedule a call using the calendar below and I will personally jump on a call with you to see if VBA Uplevel is a good fit.  If you have any questions please email [email protected]


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