Caleb Increased Revenue By 400%

“I have stability in my financial life and I’m providing for my family and I have confidence that I’m going to be able to continue to do that.”

Caleb Maxwell, Hebron Films

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VBA Coaching program

If you’re looking for support and to grow your video production business then working with Den really is a no brainer. 

I’ve worked with business coaches that were good, but I often struggled with the generic nature of processes that weren’t relatable to video production. 

With Den you get his years of experience working in our field all wrapped up in coaching expertise.

Everything we do in the group is relevant to running a video production business.

Plus there are excellent online resources and the added support of a global network of like minded business owners to share ideas and solve challenges with.

Den is a great mentor and has been critical to the growth of our company.

The main benefit for me has been having Den as a sounding board, along with the other members of the VBA group.

As a business owner it can be hard to find people that understand, especially in such a niche industry like ours.

We were able to navigate covid and are now planning some extensive growth strategies for the year ahead.

This will definitely be assisted by Den and the VBA, as we have the tools at our fingertips to make sure we do it correctly.

Working with Den has absolutely changed my business for the better! The last few months have seen more change within my business and my professional mindset than the last few years; this is very much a result of Den's guidance, passion, and insight.

The strategies that Den has shared with me have been fantastic, and I am beginning to see, not only a change in the effectiveness of my systems, but the quality of what I am capable of offering my clients.

If you are considering Den as a coach, as a consultant, as a resource; I would strongly suggest that you stop hesitating. Listen, absorb, put in the work and he will help you change your fate.

Den is a great resource and a better guy.

He leads the Video Business Accelerator program, which I have been a member of for 14 months.

He always has great insight and fresh ideas which I've been able to bring directly to my clients.

If you're looking to grow your video business I'd highly recommend starting a conversation with Den.

We've been part of the Video Business Accelerator for about 6 months now and it has given us a lift generally in all areas of the business.

We've really benefited from having an external perspective on things, learned how to think more strategically, and how to focus our marketing in the right areas.

Den has a great passion for learning and self-improvement which is infectious, and he's not afraid to challenge your thinking and drag you out of your comfort zone to help you succeed!

I first came to Den when I was having difficulty identifying which direction to take my business.

In the past 5 months the business has taken such a positive turn thanks to the coaching, training and support from Den and all the members in the VBA group.

Den is always on hand to support and genuinely cares about supporting the growth of my business, which I have found in the past you don't always get with coaches/mentors.


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