The Video Business Accelerator Coaching Program Is Your Proven Blueprint For Creating a Stable, Profitable Business That Gives You More Freedom!

This exclusive coaching program gives you the tools you need to double your profits, with higher-quality clients and make the shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed. For the first time in a long time, you can feel comfortable and confident in the future of your video production business.

It’s Perfect For...


…who feel like they’re overwhelmed and struggling to grow past $10k per month

Boutique production companies...

…who feel they’re at capacity and need proven systems to scale their operations.

Established video businesses...

…who feel they’re ready to double down on their success and generate real wealth.

Does it ever feel like you’re fighting a constant battle to generate enquiries, make more sales and run your video business without constant stress?

Chances are you’re exceptional at what you do but you just can’t seem to make everything work in your business. Maybe you’re working 70+ hours a week filming, editing, marketing and a helluva lot more just to make ends meet and provide for your family.

You got into this industry to express your creativity and help people with your passion for video-not to mention create a business that allows you to have true freedom. But when you’re managing projects, desperately searching for new clients and worrying about cash flow, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or make real progress.

Truth is, there are far too many video business owners at risk of burning out. And If you’re answering “hell yes!” to ANY of these questions, you definitely need help...

  • Are you suffering from the ‘freelancer curse’
    and struggling to grow your business?

    And you’re reactive, not proactive, operating at breakneck speed just to stand still…
  • Are you working long hours on tasks
    that could be handled by someone else?

    And you’re racking up more than 20 hours a week
    on editing or admin activities..
  • Are you feeling stressed and under pressure
    in your business on a daily basis?

    And you’re always fighting fires because you
    haven’t created any proper systems…
  • Are you worried about your pipeline of new enquiries and future financial success?

    And you feel like it’s either feast or famine with no
    real stability in your revenue…
  • Are you unsure on the best ways to attract high-quality, bigger-budget clients?

    And you end up feeding on scraps because it’s the
    best you can get right now…
  • Are you getting lonely in your business and sacrificing quality time with your family?

    And you’re getting further away from where you
    wanted to be when you started…

With the Video Business Accelerator Coaching program, you can take the first step on your journey to a successful business that doesn’t control your life. I can help you permanently improve your work-life balance and double your profits in the process so you can finally achieve the freedom you truly want.

Meet your mentor who can
help you regain control of
your business

After decades of working across the globe, from handling high-stakes shoots with A-list celebrities to managing large-scale projects, the constant travel and physical demands of the job began to take a toll.

More importantly, though, I realized that my passion had shifted.

I found profound satisfaction in helping others succeed in the video business industry, which was becoming more rewarding than the shooting itself.

Transitioning fully into coaching felt like the natural evolution of my career, aligning my professional skills with my personal aspirations to foster growth and success in others 

Brands We've Worked With :

Here’s what you get in the Video
Business Accelerator Mastermind

The VBA program is an exclusive online coaching program designed to help you grow your business with support from an ambitious community of like-minded video business owners. Using eight unique growth accelerators,
it scales your operations in record time.

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get instant access to insider knowledge that teaches you how to delegate, create systems, follow processes and run successful marketing campaigns in a way that massively boosts performance.

  • Comprehensive, in-depth video course focusing on eight
    key methodologies including goal setting, lead generation, delegation and client nurturing.
  • A whole bank of incredible assets including scripts, templates, agreements, contracts and step-by-step practical instructions that work for your business.
  • Weekly coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track from areal- world video expert who knows your specific business inside and out.
  • Direct access to me, Den Lennie, and my wealth of experience in the video production industry to give your business the best chance of future success.

Check out the ‘How To Scale a Video Business’ podcast
with more than 100,000 downloads across the world

What does success look like to you?

Do you know what success looks like to you? You have to know how you want your life to look like. It’s not about overworking yourself out because there’s always a smarter way to do things. Listen up and be inspired!


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Happy Clients

Here’s what people are saying about the
VBA Coaching program

I first came to Den when I was having difficulty identifying which direction to take my business.

In the past 5 months the business has taken such a positive turn thanks to the coaching, training and support from Den and all the members in the VBA group.

Den is always on hand to support and genuinely cares about supporting the growth of my business, which I have found in the past you don't always get with coaches/mentors.

We've been part of the Video Business Accelerator for about 6 months now and it has given us a lift generally in all areas of the business.

We've really benefited from having an external perspective on things, learned how to think more strategically, and how to focus our marketing in the right areas.

Den has a great passion for learning and self-improvement which is infectious, and he's not afraid to challenge your thinking and drag you out of your comfort zone to help you succeed!

Den is a great resource and a better guy.

He leads the Video Business Accelerator program, which I have been a member of for 14 months.

He always has great insight and fresh ideas which I've been able to bring directly to my clients.

If you're looking to grow your video business I'd highly recommend starting a conversation with Den.

If you put your all into the program, it will work for you
(like these guys!)

Think you’ve got what it takes?
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Featured Case Study

Hebron Films increased revenue by 400% in only 8 months!

“I have stability in my financial life and I’m providing for my family and I have confidence that I’m going to be able to continue to do that.”


Are You Ready To Learn, Grow & Build a More Profitable Video
Business With The Support of An Incredible Community
of Video Professionals Worldwide?

If you want to find more freedom in your professional and personal life by quickly
scaling a stable, reliable video company -now’s your chance! Let me help you
achieve every one of your dreams with the VBA Coaching program.


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