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  FACT: every business owner wants more freedom, more time, and more money. Another Fact: as a business owner, there’s really only one way to achieve that, and that’s what…

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Video Marketing and How to Measure ROI with Chris Schwager

There are no shortage of video production companies chasing clients. So how do you stand out and offer the market what they need? There is a growing trend of ‘Video Marketing’ where you not only shoot and produce the work but advise on campaign strategy and in some cases help with implementation.

Why I’ve spent over $150k on business education with Charley Valher

Most video production companies do not invest in business and marketing education. They drop money on gear in a heartbeat. There’s never any hesitation to justify the ‘business need’ to have the latest gear. If you invest in yourself to get better at sales, marketing and business, you win.

Subscription models – Video Partnerships with Geoff Anderson

Believe it or not, the more established your subscription process is, the faster your revenue inflow will grow. This claim was backed up by today’s guest, Geoff Anderson. Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight, author of Shoot Me Now, and is now in the works to release a new book called Watch Me Now.

How To Succeed with a Niche with Geoff Anderson

Filmmakers often struggle with the concept of having a niche. They worry about not having a diverse client base. However, that should not be the case. Focusing on a niche does not mean you can’t work for other clients or further grow your client base.

Video Business Growth Accelerator 3: EDUCATE

Episode Highlights: Den’s Introduction: 00:00 VBAP Intro: 00:39 Growth Accelerator 3: 01:05 Social Media: 02:09 The Mere Exposure Effect: 04:42 Quiz Funnels: 06:29 Lead Capture: 11:53 Using Videos Effectively: 17:09

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