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The Video Business Breakthrough eBook and quiz is really useful for getting a basic understanding of my
8 Growth Accelerators and how you’re performing against them. But if you want to get some in-depth
professional advice tailored to your business – now’s your chance!

I’m going to share some of my in-depth experience (focusing on your specific issues) on a
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If generating enquiries, making sales and running your video business effectively is stressing you out, I’ve got you covered.

There are far too many video business owners burning out. And if you’re feeling the pressure of managing projects, searching for new clients and worrying about cash flow, I completely understand. Truth is, you can take the first step on your journey to a successful business that doesn’t control your life. And here’s how…

By joining a call with me, I’ll show you a clear path to a stable, profitable business. Why? Because I’m the guy who gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Video has been my life for the last 26 years and now, I want to share my experience with you to help you make some real, measurable progress…

On This FREE Discovery Session, We’ll Explore Your
Current Business Performance & Create a Clear
Growth Plan Moving Forward

Here’s what’s going to happen on the call…

  • We’ll Discuss Where You Are And
    Where You Want To Be

    First up, we’ll dive deeper into your future targets. Maybe it’s doubling your revenue, working fewer hours or partnering with higher-quality clients. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, I want to know about it. There’s nothing too aspirational – tell me how your dream life looks and we can talk about how to make it happen!

  • We’ll Identify The Areas Where You
    Can Make Improvements

    Once I’ve learned a bit more about your business, I’ll point out the places you need to focus on to improve your performance and build a more stable, reliable company. It could be your systems, sales, marketing, leadership or any number of things – so we’re going to identify the problem areas and discuss how to solve them.

  • We’ll Explore Your Current Business

    Next, we can discuss any major bottlenecks that might be causing you problems in your business. Whether it’s suffering from the ‘freelancer curse’, failing to generate enquiries, committing to low-budget clients or struggling with your internal processes, you have a chance to let me know the biggest frustrations in your business right now.

  • We’ll Put A Plan In Place To Drive Future
    Success For Your Business

    Now we know your specific problems, we can put a strategy together to help you clear the hurdles and start making some real measurable progress. I’ll share my extensive industry experience – fully tailored to your business – so you can take your business to the next level and find more freedom in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to finally…

  • STOP suffering from the ‘freelancer curse’ and struggling to grow your business
  • STOP working with low-quality, low-budget clients who aren’t worth the hassle
  • STOP working long hours and spending less time with the people you care about
  • STOP feeling stressed and under pressure in your business on a daily basis

Then there’s just one thing you need to do...

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If you’re exceptional at what you do but you just can’t seem to make everything work in your business,
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